When you buy local art to give as gift to your employees or customers it tells them you care and connect with the local community. Each piece of art is the result of a collaboration of small local business from the printer, framers and shops. This money stays within the community and grows the local economy.


I would be delighted to work with you to create art that has meaning and a connection with the corporate identity.


There are 3 modules of skill based learning, that work towards empowering employees creativity in the workplace will lead to stronger and more productive work team and higher revenues.


I was looking to purchase a piece of art for a friend/work colleague, Katie, to celebrate her wedding. I was selecting the gift on behalf of my team and wanted to get it right for both the team and my friend. I was given Helen’s name and choose the perfect piece, ‘Hello 408’. It is a beautiful piece and I know my friend, Katie, is proud to have the piece of art hanging in her home. For me personally, I would have a house full of Helen’s paintings if I could.

Dealing with Helen was a pleasure, very professional, practical and helpful. Navigating, selecting and ordering through Helen’s website was a very easy process.